Hack Potsdam is a student‑run, collaborative computer programming event.
{ date: '04.21.2018', time: '11:00 AM', location: 'SUNY Potsdam Maxcy Field House' }
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Hack Potsdam

Hack Potsdam is a hackathon.
A hackathon is a 24-hour event in which programmers, designers, and artists collaboratively work to complete projects for prizes.

Hack Potsdam is open to any participant over 18, including students, alumni, and professors.
The event is free to attend, three meals are served in the 24 hours.

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Form a team.

Group up with a like-minded group to collaborate on a single project.

Build something great.

Use any tools, languages, and frameworks you'd like to build whatever interests you.

Win prizes.

See below.


Sponsored Solution

for the Potsdam Community Dog Park

The Potsdam Community Dog Park would like a solution from our local hackers.
Can you create a mobile app that would allow dog owners to sign their dogs in & out of the park?
This would allow dog owners to schedule their visits more effectively. 🐶


First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Best Idea


Best Early Submission

Officially in support of

the Potsdam Community Dog Park


Hack Potsdam is hosted by SUNY Potsdam ACM and the Clarkson Open Source Institute. Both clubs aim to connect students with a passion for technology. Hack Potsdam fuels cross-collaboration and innovation between schools.

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